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Little Caesars Pizza Fundraiser Update

We have a new delivery date, Thursday, March 16. The delay is because we did not sell the minimum number of pizza kits we would have to pick up our order with another school's delivery. That school was to be Boulder City. However they did not put in an order and we did not get a delivery. The pizza kits will be delivered to Basic on March 16. This date is confirmed. Sorry for the delay. Please be prompt in picking up your orders as we do not have fridge space to keep the kits overnight. Thank you for you patience.

We currently have a Little Caesars Pizza Fundraiser happening this week. Deadline to turn in orders is February 17. Orders will be delivered on March 1st. You can order from any band or color guard student. To view Pizza Kits for sale please visit click on Products then Shop. Select either - "Ship to the Group" or "Ship Order to Me". There is an additional fee per item for shipping to you. Our fundraising ID# 326645 be sure to include the name of the student for credit. If you have any questions please email MaryKay. Thank you for you support of Basic Academy Wolfpack Regiment.

Updated March 9, 2017

2016-2017 Concert Information

Greetings Basic Academy Performing Arts Parents & Students:

As you know, our school has transitioned into an International Baccalaureate World School, The Basic Academy of International Studies. With this transition come many exciting changes for our students and for our performing arts programs.Our programs continue to thrive and in fact, grow through this change. We are excited to share the incredible talent and continue the traditions of excellence for the years to come...

...The entry fee to our program's quarterly concerts will be as follows: $1.00 for students (6 years or older), $2.00 for adults...

To continue reading this letter from the Performing Arts Department of Basic Academy and see a list of concerts click on this link.

2016-2017 Handbook

Have you read the 2016-2017 handbook? Get the answers to your questions about the Philosophy of the Basic Academy Band and Classroom Rules and Expectations. Learn more about the different classes, marching band, band fees, fundraisers, grading, attendance, and much more. Just skip on over to the handbook page, link is on the left menu. If you have not filled out the attendance/handbook signature page yet one is available for you can print out to send in with your student.

Basic Band Fees and Fines

Band fees can be paid in the band office, at the school bank or online at Basic Academy Web Store Cash, Money Order or Credit Card are accepted at the school bank. Checks are NOT accepted. When visiting the school bank please ask for a 2nd receipt and give to the band so payment can be posted to your child's Charms account in a timely manner. The Basic Academy Bank and the Charms account are not linked and Charms updated are not instantaneous. When making a payment online to facilitate Charms update could you please email a copy of your receipt to MaryKay.

Updated August 20, 2016

Parents Help Keep Band Information Updated

Parents please update your information on your child's Charms band account by clicking on the Charms Music link on the left side of this page. You can also go to . At the top right under the enter button you will click on Parents/Students/Members. Basic Academy Band's School Code is BasicHSB. the Student Area Password is your child's student number. From the Student section you can view your child's band account and view how much is still owed to the band for fees. Any funds raised above this year's fees will carry over to the following year.

If you are unable to log into your Child's Charms band account please send MaryKay. an email and the account will be reset to your child's student number.

August 20, 2016

Basic Wolfpack Regiment Parent and Student Information

All new and returning students, please complete this form with your parents as you will need information from them! Updating this form will update our records to allow the better communication with the band. It is best if you can update this information before Band Camp starts on August 8th.

Download 2016/17 Basic Academy Marching Band calendar here.

Updated August 8, 2016

Band Parent Shirts Available

Attention Wolfpack Regiment Band Parents: Order your Gypsy Caravan Band Shirt today. Just fill out this form, one form for each shirt ordered. Deadline to order is September 2nd. Shirts will be delivered one week later. Student shirts are grey and parent shirts are blue. That is so we can find you in the sea of grey.

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